Are You Following Vaping Etiquette Rules?

Using e-cigarettes to vape is increasingly popular, and it is generally viewed as being a much healthier and more socially acceptable activity in comparison to smoking traditional cigarettes. As with many activities in life, there are specific etiquette rules that vapers may follow. Etiquette simply refers to the often unwritten rules that govern what is socially acceptable or polite to others. This includes blowing vaporizers Toronto away from other people and even stepping to an area where not many people are sitting or standing to vape. While vaping is more socially acceptable than smoking traditional cigarettes, there are nonetheless some social rules that you may consider following when you vape outside the privacy of your own home.

What The Media Continues To Get Wrong About Vaping

Anyone who belongs to the vape community is familiar with coming across new headlines every week that claim that vaping is hazardous to one’s health. While tobacco contains a plethora of toxic chemicals that are shown time and time again to pose serious health threats, e-liquid that is used in vaporizers Toronto contains none of these ingredients. Some claims are bold enough to state that vaping is actually just as harmful as smoking tobacco cigarettes.