Vaporizer Technology Continues to Advance

Vaporizers are a fairly new technology, which means that designers have plenty of room to innovate and improve on it. Many of them are putting that opportunity to good use, and that is leading to a market that changes constantly as vaporizers with new features appear. It’s impossible to say which ones will be successful, or which features will eventually become standard on the majority of new vaporizers. Even so, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on the new models to get a little glimpse as what the future of vaping might hold.

Precision Dosing

Many people have trouble controlling the dosage when using their devices, especially when they use a variety of different liquids that have different concentrations. Some upcoming vaporizers are trying to solve that problem by pairing the device with a dosage app. The program can record dosages and vital information for each liquid, along with how much the user consumed. The user can then record their experience after taking that dose, and use the information to make sure that they can accurately replicate the effect in the future. This has a great deal of potential for people who use the system to help with pain or anxiety, since the dosages required to get the effect can vary from one person to the next.

This system also has some potential for medical research. The physicians who are performing the research will be able to use it to make sure that their patients accurately record their actions and note down the effects of each dose while they can clearly remember them. This will make it much cheaper and easier to gather enough data to draw accurate conclusions.

Water Filtration

Some new models even include a water cooling and filtration system to make sure that the experience is as smooth as possible. Including a water chamber means that the vaporizer also needs to have a mechanism to prevent spills, which takes the form of a ball valve on the mouthpiece. The valve can stop most spills even if the vaporizer gets flipped over or knocked around during transportation.

Like many modern vaporizers, this type comes with a few advanced features. It offers several heat settings, which are designed for use with cannabis, and a mixing mechanism to ensure that the heat gets distributed as evenly as possible. It also comes with a system of lights to indicate when the vaporizer has finished heating. This suite of features solves most of the problems that similar vaporizers Toronto have experienced in the past, so it is fairly likely that many of them will become standard in the industry in the future, assuming that the current model succeeds and proves their value to the market.

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